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  • Technology revolutionizing the hotel experience


    Consumer electronics have become much more than mere tools - they are a vital part of modern life in the information age. Today's travelers are using their smartphones and tablet computers to check out potential destinations, book their hotels and car rentals, confirm the status of their flight and entertain themselves in the air, as well as staying up to date with the latest travel gadget news. According to CNN, some hotel chains are incorporating tourists' beloved gadgets into their accommodations, challenging the traditional notion of the hotel experience.

    Serving the needs of a new demographic  

    Far from a mere gimmick, introducing technology into hotel rooms is a savvy way for leaders in the hospitality industry to target a new demographic of traveler. The same visitors who check into their hotel online are the same tourists who would likely pay additional fees for sophisticated technology to be incorporated into their stay.

    "Technology is increasingly becoming a brand differentiator for hotels and chains which want to identify with a certain market," Katherine Doggrell, editor of Hotel Analyst Distribution & Technology, told the news source. "Being able to cater to your guests' needs during their stay through their own technology will become the norm, and is a great way to make sure they use the bar."

    Several high-end establishments, such as The Upper House in Hong Kong and New York's Andaz Wall Street, have abandoned the traditional check-in procedure altogether. Instead, guests are presented with a tablet computer upon arrival which they can use to check in while enjoying the luxurious surroundings of the hotel's restaurants and bars. The Upper House also offers travelers a personal car service from the airport to the hotel, complete with internet connectivity.

    An emerging trend  

    Hotel chains all over the world are realizing that today's travelers are significantly different than those of the past. The hospitality industry is constantly devising ways to offer guests the ultimate in sophisticated luxury and high-tech amenities.

    According to The Huffington Post, one resort taking full advantage of its clientele's desire for technological opulence is the Aria Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas. Instead of keys, suites are equipped with RFID technology which unlocks room doors as guests approach them. Guest accommodations feature internet connections of 100 megabytes per second, and lights in the suites turn on automatically when guests enter their room.

    Whether they are planning on a short break or an extended vacation, today's travelers are taking advantage of the elegant luxuries that modern technology can provide.

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