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  • Stop by some of the most unusual natural highlights in the world


    Regardless of where you travel, you're sure to encounter many stunning man-made structures. While they certainly have substantial appeal, these buildings are often overshadowed by breathtaking natural landmarks. From the Grand Canyon to Angel Falls, there are a wide variety of captivating natural formations throughout the world, but there are several in particular that stand out due to how unusual they are, according to Travel Leisure magazine.

    Marble Caves, Chile
    Located in Lake General Carrera, which sits on the border between Chile and Argentina, these caves are some of the most unique formations in the world. The undulating marble walls were formed thanks to 6,000 years of constant erosion from waves. Aside from the patterns, the walls of the Marble Caves give off a stunning blue-green hue because they reflect the pristine colors of the waters below. They are also largely removed and accessible only by boat, where adventure travel companies offer tours of these one-of-a-kind caves.

    The Stone Forest, China
    True to its name, the Stone Forest is full of towering "trees" made of limestone. According to Travel and Leisure, this unusual formation came about because the nearly 200-square miles were under water hundreds of millions of years ago. Eventually, the water receded and the immense stone structures that were under the surface came to light. In the years since, wind and rain have caused significantly more erosion, helping create one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth.

    Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
    Since it was discovered in the late 1600s, the Giant's Causeway has been one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. The unique formation, which is comprised of approximately 40,000 basalt columns, was made millions of years ago when underground lava cooled off and created these stunning towers - which stand as all as 39 feet in some places. Aside from walking on this enormous causeway, you can stop by the visitors center, which offers some insight into the path's creation.

    Silfra Rift, Iceland
    Nowhere else can you swim between two tectonic plates aside from Iceland's Silfra Rift. Thanks to a constantly shifting geologic landscape, you can navigate your way through Iceland's Almannagjá canyon - the rift between the North American and Eurasion plates - which are actually still moving apart from one another.

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