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  • Stick to an exercise routine while traveling


    Traveling the world is an exciting proposition, but it can throw a wrench into day-to-day routines. Eating well and exercising regularly do not seem as important when tourists are sampling the finest Italian cuisine during Europe travel trips or trying to visit dozens of attractions during a family travel experience. However, there are ways for travelers to keep up with their fitness routine when venturing to new and exciting destinations.

    Here are three of the easiest routines travelers can work into their itineraries to maintain their health:

    Have an aerobics routine
    Travelers who follow a specific workout pattern when at home can continue to implement a modified version of that on the road. For example, those who make it a point to go to the gym in the morning can take steps to book a hotel with a fitness center, enabling them to maintain their routine and get their regular workout in. Tourists who are pressed for time or don't have access to these facilities can undergo makeshift aerobics in their own accommodations. Activities like jumping jacks, sit ups, lunges and pushups can go a long way toward staying in shape and sticking to a workout routine.

    Unwind with yoga
    If aerobics and cardio seem a little too fast paced for a relaxing vacation, consider practicing yoga. The calming stretches and meditation that make up yoga are ideal for unwinding after hours of sightseeing or for starting the day in a positive manner, and all that is needed is some kind of yoga mat and exercise clothing.

    Many hotels and airports are embracing yoga and providing things like complimentary studios for travelers to use for their workouts. Whether these facilities have specific rooms with yoga equipment for guests to use or simply offer some open space for travelers, they can be perfect for tourists who need a relaxing way to exercise.

    Work up a sweat while sightseeing
    Those globetrotters who are dedicated to seeing as much of their destination as possible can incorporate their workouts into their adventures about town. Consider signing up for an extended walking tour around a city or hopping on the back of a bicycle for a two-wheeled ride around an area. Additionally, partaking in fun activities like learning to surf in the Caribbean, diving in the Great Barrier Reef or skiing in Switzerland are wonderful ways to get in tune with the local culture while also fitting in some exercise.

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