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  • Smartphones' effect on travel planning


    Technology has streamlined the traveling process, providing potential passengers flexibility, convenience and comfort through different devices available for purchase. While physical objects have paved the way for making journeys easier, mobile devices have allowed for the entire process to take place from any location across the globe. As smartphones become more readily available to people living in different areas, people have found ways to use them on a daily basis for researching and purchasing travel-related needs.

    Majority of travelers use their smartphones to plan
    Google recently conducted a study alongside Ipsos MediaCT to determine just how frequently consumers use smartphones to book destinations. According to the study, 41 percent of business and 30 percent of leisure travelers book by phone. Additionally, 70 percent of all voyagers conduct research over their phones prior to solidifying a destination. Commonly, they look at different travel services they may enlist during their trip and are more likely to spend money on a company that offers some sort of rewards program, the study found.

    While those who search using online travel sites look for destinations and ideas, the study found that they also research reviews on the Internet, watch videos related to their trip and read a travel blog.

    Apps make logistics much easier
    Thousands of smartphone apps, each specifically tailored to a particular travel amenity, make a tourist's life easier by offering him or her one place in which booking for a trip can take place. Programs, including hotel, airline and tour booking apps, can help make the process much simpler by taking care of the majority of logistical problems on one device. While websites that can be accessed via a desktop or laptop computer are similarly helpful, smartphone apps can be accessed anywhere at any time, exponentially increasing consumer convenience.

    Cell phone carriers announce international plans
    Fees accrued abroad can eat away at a phone bill, forcing a bill payer to cough up exorbitant amounts of money to cover messaging and voice calls placed while in a different country. However, multiple carriers have begun to implement cellular plans to fight these high costs, allowing travelers to save a few bucks when visiting different parts of the world. Carriers range in pricing when it comes to per-minute charges, with some providers requiring $0.20 a minute and others requesting $1. But most companies offer some sort of international plan to alleviate costs, so travelers should consult with their carriers prior to their journey.

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