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  • Small towns of Italy have plenty to offer


    Italy is among the most popular destinations in Europe, and for good reason. Few countries can match its combination of pleasing weather, rich history and cultural intrigue. While there are many big cities to choose from, including Rome, Venice and Florence, according to The Huffington Post, there are a number of lesser-known destinations that can provide just as many long lasting memories - while also might help you avoid some of the country's biggest crowds.

    Genzano di Roma
    With a population of only about 12,000, Genzano di Roma feels far removed from the Italian capital, which is only located about 40 minutes away. There is a lot to like about this small town. For starters, much like many destinations throughout Italy, its cuisine is some of the best in Europe, and the Post singles out its bread as particularly appetizing. There are also a number of historic buildings you can check out including The Cathedral St Mary of the Hilltop, which offers beautiful views of the Italian countryside as well.

    Located in the northwest corner of the country, Baiardo is well-removed from the bustling tourist hubs. Its picturesque scenery is appealing on its own - thanks mostly to it being situated more than 2,950 feet above sea level - but you should try to plan your visit around one of the town's many festivals throughout the year. Many of the celebrations are dedicated to the folklore and stories native to the area. Even if you're not there during a festival, its laid back atmosphere is the ideal place to relax.

    If you're looking for a taste of America's favorite pastime while you're overseas, Nettuno is the place to get it. The coastal town is the center of baseball activity in Italy, and the Nettuno Baseball Club has been a staple of the town for nearly 70 years. There's more to do at Nettuno than catch a few innings, however. You may also want to pay a visit to the Sicily–Rome American Cemetery and Memorial, which is the final resting place of around 7,800 American soldiers. Before you leave you should also make a point to visit one of Nettuno's many beaches, which offer the chance to relax in the azure Mediterranean waters.

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