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  • Small Asian country back on the map for travel enthusiasts


    Burma, also known as Myanmar, has not been on the travel radar for a while due to political unrest and other negative issues within the country. However, some officials are saying that the region is now experiencing a sense of calm and stability, making it safer for travelers to go and explore its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes.

    Many operators offering travel packages to Burma have been experiencing heightened interest in the last few months. This may be due to the endorsement by Aung San Suu, the leader of the National League of Democracy, reports The Telegraph. The governmental group discouraged tourism for a long time, but now says guests are welcome to see the sights of Myanmar, which will help boost economy and support more positive international relations.

    The mystery and intrigue of Burma can be enchanting to travelers who delight in finding regions off the beaten path. Due to visits being a rarity in the recent past, many of the cities and rural areas have not been developed and contain no resorts or large tourism complexes. However, this does not mean that there still are not plenty of things to see and do throughout the country.

    According to Lonely Planet, one of the must-see attractions that should be on a traveler's list when planning an adventure travel excursion to Myanmar is the Shwedagon Paya. This incredible temple is an iconic landmark in the city of Rangoon, adorned with jewels and golden facets. Guests may take a lift to the top platform or simply venture up the front steps to witness stunning vistas of the surrounding landscapes.

    Those interested in classic vacation pastimes can head to Ngapali Beach. It is a small stretch of sand along the Bay of Benegal, but it boasts blue waters and plenty of space to sunbathe and swim. The small fishing villages along the beach are also worth exploring to sample some local seafood and mingle with the locals.

    A trip to Myanmar should be on any adventurous travelers' to-do list for the upcoming year, as this locale will be expanding their offerings and presenting special packages to tourists, making a trip more attainable than ever before. 

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