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  • See some distinctive natural wonders in Australia


    The vast continent of Australia is full of amazing things to see and do for a thrilling adventure travel trip. As an ideal for an exciting vacation with the guys, travelers can explore the different environments and check out some of the natural wonders that give the landscapes character and unique style.

    First, thrill-seekers can head to the Shark Bay, which is located along Australia's west coast, north of the city of Perth. According to CNN Go, the beaches there are sandy and ideal for sunbathing, but the cliffs that surround them are the big draw. They are a brilliant red color and stretch nearly 1,000 miles along the coast.

    Nature lovers should not miss a journey to Fraser Island, north of Brisbane. It is an entire 120 square miles of sand beaches, rainforests and more than 100 freshwater lakes. Travelers can try out different excursions, such as a whale watching tours or scuba diving near some of the area's eerie shipwrecks.

    One of the most iconic natural sites Down Under is the Great Barrier Reef. Over the past 25 million years, these underwater ecosystems have developed into a massive expanse that includes hundreds of species of coral, fish and sea mammals. This space is a diver's delight, full of amazing things to see and reefs to explore in the clear ocean on the east coast. Those interested in conservation can looking into how to safely enjoy the environment and stay on a eco-friendly track by protecting the natural habitats.

    In Western Australia, travelers may learn about the prehistoric origins of the region at Gantheaume Point in Broome. There are fossilized footprints of dinosaurs embedded in the rocks, some of which are more than 130 million years old, reports Australia News.

    For a walk on the wild side, visitors may see the migration patterns of red crabs on Christmas Island. Every October and November, millions of these tiny crustaceans move in large groups to breed along the beaches, covering rocks and sand with a sea of crabs. If travelers have rented a car, they may have to be extra careful driving, as the creatures tend to migrate right across some of the roads.

    Australia & New Zealand travel for American tourists is almost always an adventure and can be the perfect way to venture to a new, far away locale and see the great outdoors

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