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  • Search for the most haunted places across the globe


    Some travelers live for the feeling of their hair standing up on end and chills running down their spine as they visit creepy, weird and sometimes haunted locales. One way to experience some of the planet's strangest destinations is to explore old buildings, namely castles. These lavish structures found worldwide often come with stories of mystery and lore that travelers can learn about on their adventure travel trips abroad.

    England has a history of castles that dates back centuries, and can be the ultimate country to venture to for thrilling fortress exploration. The Chillingham castle in Northumberland has an impressive dungeon that guests can tour and learn about the unsavory events that used to happen deep in the underbelly of this home. The decor and exterior of the rest of the castle also has a foreboding ambiance and offers a stark contrast to the surrounding greenery, especially as the sun sets.

    One of the oldest homes in Denmark boasts an eerie past and strange supernatural occurrences. Dragsholm Castle, located in Zealand, is said to have ghosts of former owners haunting the grounds, and some have claimed to hear horseshoes over the cobblestones when there is no one there. The Earl of Bothwell, who used to leave at the castle in the 1500s, is buried at a nearby church and allegedly haunts his old house along with two women who resided there in the 12th century.

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    Castles, of course, are not the only haunted and mysterious locales in the world that travelers can visit for a scare and a thrill. The U.S. has some exhilarating places for travelers to experience the supernatural on their getaways.

    For instance, in Sleepy Hollow, New York, there is a famous legend of a headless horseman who rides through the old cemetery and town streets, which has been a creepy local legend since the 1600s. Tourists who venture into Sleepy Hollow can take guided tours of the burial ground and learn more about these frightening tales.

    A city of voodoo and mystical fascination, New Orleans can be the ideal destinations for those in search of scary things and a city wrapped in magic. The LaLaurie Mansion is one of the most popular spots to see, where guests can be guided through the rooms once owned by the LaLaurie couple who used people for medical experiments. Subsequent owners after them are rumored to have seen ghosts roaming the halls and hear strange noises in the night.

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