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  • Save big on a cruise getaway by driving to the port


    Although the latest cruise news says that these trips are more than affordable than ever before, especially throughout North America, some travelers may want to save a few extra dollars by driving to the cruise port and not flying. Even with gas prices and parking garage fees, it still can be an economic option, particularly if taking a trip with a group or the family.

    However, some ports may be a confusing maze of people and roads upon arrival, which can deter some from driving al together. Some ports are more car-friendly than others, so if travel options are flexible, travelers can do a little looking for what their best alternatives are for drive-to cruises.

    If cruisers are in interested in a getaway around New England or Canada, the Boston cruise port is fairly easy to navigate. Since it's located within walking distance from public transportation, travelers could park at one of the bus or subway garages for reduced rates then head to the ship. There are also closer parking options that can be reached easily by car for slightly higher fees.

    Florida is full of drivable cruise ports, including Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami and Port Canaveral. Many have massive parking garages, shuttle services and more to accommodate those who choose to drive.

    When travelers have chosen which cruise port to take their trip from, they can begin to find out the specific information about the locale. For instance, although a garage run by the port may be most convenient, there could be others close by that only require a quick walk or taxi to reach the ship, saving on the daily parking rate significantly.

    Many of these cruise ports are in fun and interesting cities, so driving could be an extra bonus when wanting to check out the nearby sights a day early. With a car, travelers have a built in way to tour the city the day before they depart and even splurge on some shopping or dining with the funds they save from skipping a flight.

    To calculate exactly how much money travelers are saving by carpooling to the port, they can use websites like, which will help work out fuel costs and more. When groups take away four separate plane tickets, baggage fees and airport transportation, driving to a port seems like a logical way to save some money on a cruise getaway.

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