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  • Planning a honeymoon you'll both love


    Honeymoon travel is something couples look forward to soon after they become engaged. However, sometimes planning a vacation that both couples will love can be a challenge that causes unnecessary arguments and stress. If you and your partner want to avoid these kinds of issues, keep the following tips in mind:

    You don't have to rush it
    In the movies, you often see couples leaving the cathedral and getting in a decorated limo that heads straight to the airport. While this is a romantic idea, it's simply not practical. After your wedding, you'll want some time to catch your breath before you ship off. It's fine to take some time following your nuptials to say goodbye to family and friends or save up some money before you head out. In fact, some couples wait to start planning their honeymoon until the wedding has come and gone.

    Don't burst your budget
    You might have the dream of embarking on Asia travel to Japan or spending time on some beach on the other side of the world, but so much financial strain can be a bad thing for newlyweds. Consider planning something a bit more affordable, like a cross-country trip or a nice getaway at a resort here in the U.S. Then, a few years later in your marriage when your bank accounts have recovered from wedding expenses, you can take a second honeymoon to that exotic location you had your eye on.

    Make lists of your needs and wants
    Opposites attract, so you may find that you and your partner have different ideas of what makes the ideal vacation destination. Hubby may want to spend all day lying in a hammock, soaking up the sun, while the woman of the house might prefer sightseeing in a big city like Paris or Rome. Fortunately, you should be able to find a location that appeases both of your wants. For example, you can plan a trip that takes you to several locations in Italy, so she will get to see Milan and Florence while he'll still get to enjoy some days on the Italian coast.

    When to walk away
    If at any point during your honeymoon planning you find yourself getting irritated with your husband or wife, it's time to stop what you're doing and back away. No honeymoon is worth a fight, so if tensions get too high, shelve the topic for another day when you've both cooled down.

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