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  • Plan film-inspired holidays all over the world


    Now that the Academy Awards have come and gone, the film awards season has officially ended for North America. Although it might be over, that doesn't mean that your love of film has to fade with it. Over the decades, movies have helped make certain areas of the world iconic landmarks on Earth because of their natural beauty and the way they're depicted on the big screen. From Wellington, New Zealand, to London, England, some cities across the globe just have an appeal that directors crave for their films. 

    If you're looking to fulfill your cinemaphile tendencies, here are some of the top films with equally as captivating locations that could make the perfect destination for your upcoming adventure travel trips:

    While it doesn't have to be saved for honeymoon travel adventures, a tour of the Greek islands that were used in the film, "Mamma Mia!" could be the ultimate romantic getaway. One particular isle has experienced a boost in the tourism sector ever since the 2008 film debuted, and that is the Aegean isle of Skopelos.

    "The phones never stop ringing," Christos Vasiloudi, Skopelos mayor, told The Guardian. "People call in all the time asking how they can get to our 'Mamma Mia!' paradise."

    While the types of holidays taken here have been across the board, a number of tourists call town offices to request information on possible wedding ceremony and party venues. While some are satisfied with any spot on the island, others inquire about the exact beach or chapel that was used in the film.

    One of Canada's wealthiest cities, Vancouver is also the home of the beloved teen series, "Twilight." While most of the earlier portion of the series was filmed in the Northwest U.S., Vancouver took over as the site of "Eclipse," the third installment of the series. Because of the popularity of the book series and films that followed, tourism agencies created set-location tours to show Twi-hard fans the cafes, shops and public buildings that were transformed as parts of the films' sets.

    "It's really neat after you see the film, to see the locations," Mandy Anderson, a guide with Vancouver Set Tours and a big fan of the series, told The Seattle Times. "And we can take people to the exact spot in the forest where they shot a scene, show them were the actors were standing, the camera angle."

    The mesmerizing scenes of "Slumdog Millionaire" and the unforgettable story that wove them together likely stuck with you months after watching the Oscar-winning film. Filmed in Mumbai, India, this movie also helped put the coastal city on the map. While a majority of the sets focused on the largest slums in Asia in Dharavi, many culture vultures were captivated by this society and intrigued to discover more. If you choose holidays that will show you a portion of the world entirely different from your own culture, then consider purchasing travel insurance and book flights to India. According to National Geographic, there are even special Dharavi excursions led by Mumbai's tour companies, teaching travelers of the current challenges that India faces.

    British filmmaker Danny Boyle chose to set out to the Mumbai streets instead of a Hollywood set for a reason, according to The New York Times.

    "The extremes of storytelling are available there, and it's kind of disappearing here," Boyle told the news source. "You feel a miasma of detail in a city. It is just marching. You are racing forward. You have to go with it."

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