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  • National parks are a treasure to visit


    As the weather begins to warm throughout the U.S., many individuals are planning their outdoor adventure travel excursions across the country. Whether it be soaking up the sun on the beach or hiking through the wilderness, vacations that incorporate activities in natural environments are always popular during the summer months.

    One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors may be by visiting a national park. These nature reserves protect the land and are purposely sanctioned to take care of the natural habitats and allow visitors to admire the scenic beauty. Due to the diverse environments of the U.S., these parks can boast a number of different features, including mountainous peaks, sandy shores and plenty of diverse wildlife.

    When travelers decide they would like to visit national parks on their vacations, they may initially feel overwhelmed by the choices. According to Forbes, some of these locales outrank others, and certain nature reserves should be on a tourist's itinerary when they are planning their upcoming trip.

    Yosemite National Park in California is one of those iconic places that all travelers should visit at some point in their journey. It has beautiful snow-capped peaks, crystal clear lakes and green forests full of birds, small mammals and bears.

    On the East Coast, Acadia National Park in Maine is well worth a visit, especially to see up close its cliffs overlooking a raging sea. There is a scenic drive many choose to take along Park Loop Road, while other will head out on the trails to pass by lighthouses, beautiful forests and more.

    With today's ever-growing technological advancements, there are several ways that travelers can digitally prepare for their getaway to a national park. According to MSNBC, there are some special smartphone and tablet apps that help individuals navigate the parks before they even begin their trip. For instance, the National Geographic National Parks app has a list of 20 popular locales throughout the country and offers users current weather reports, useful statistics and special points of interest that can be followed on an interactive map.

    Some experts say that although these types of apps can be helpful, travelers should not forget to put the electronics away when it's really time to explore and take in the beauty of these amazing national parks.

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