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  • Muir Woods, Iguazu Falls top Gogobot's list of best natural destinations


    It's a bit of an understatement to say the world is replete with natural wonders. Regardless of whether you are traveling to Europe, Asia or staying in the United States, chances are you're not far from a breathtaking testament to the earth's natural beauty. While there are countless highlights, some stand above the rest, and travel website Gogobot recently released what its readers think are the best natural attractions in the world.

    Muir Woods National Monument
    Located just north of San Francisco, Muri Woods National Monument stands out from a number of natural highlights of the Golden State - and with good reason. There's perhaps nowhere else in the United States with such impressive hiking trails, which take you through acres of towering redwood trees. There are both paved and unpaved options, and you can also go on range-led expeditions to learn more about this living monument.

    Iguazu Falls
    These stunning waterfalls are located on the border between Argentina and Brazil and are considerably wider than Niagara Falls. The lush green vegetation creates one of the most picturesque views in South America, and there is also plenty to do for adventure travel enthusiasts. For instance, Sendero Macuco is a trail that brings you through the rainforest surrounding the falls and provides an up-close look at the stunning biodiversity on display. You can also get a firsthand glimpse at the falls' power by jumping on one of the boats that navigates the churning waters.

    Golden Falls, Iceland
    Iceland is famous for its natural beauty, but if you're looking for the best of the best, Golden Falls is where you need to go. One of the country's most popular tourist destinations, the water from the falls descends more than 100 feet into a dark crevasse. Its rocky surroundings, often covered in snow, provide one of the most unique natural formations in the world.

    Many other options
    Gogobot's list included a number of other stunning destinations such as Diamond Head State Monument in Hawaii, a state that is certainly no stranger to picturesque landscapes, and the Grand Canyon National Park. Website officials hope they can inspire people to experience all the natural world has to offer.

    "We really want to pique people's curiosity and help them discover places they might not have thought about or might not have heard of that they'd find really fun," Travis Katz, Gogobot CEO and co-founder, told CNN.

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