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  • Mixing business and pleasure on a trip abroad


    When business professionals are on assignment in a new locale, it does mean the trip should be all work and no play. Those who are venturing to cities and countries far from home to conduct business may also want to take some time to explore their surroundings as a tourist. Depending on the nature of the trip, travelers may want to set aside a day or two for some activities and sightseeing while already in a new destination, instead of simply staying in their hotel room.

    According to CNN, those taking business trips may want to hire a tour guide just as they would on a regular getaway. Then travelers can be assured they will see the highlights of the locale without wasting time being lost in an unfamiliar place. A local familiar with the area can be a great travel companion as well as a knowledgeable expert to help choose what wines to imbibe at the trendiest restaurant or know when lines are shortest at the museums.

    "The biggest pro is that it's on your time schedule, so you have full control, which is especially good when you're trying to maximize a long layover," said Lauren Fairbanks, a partner at the marketing firm Stunt & Gimmick's, told the news source. "I'm actually a fan of checking things out on my own, but only having a few hours in a city and not knowing your way around is a good formula for getting lost and missing your flight."

    Business travelers who may be uncomfortable dining or sightseeing alone will have a partner to see the city with when they hire a personal guide.If individuals have taken a trip out of the country, they will not want to miss some of the major attractions after taking a long journey abroad.

    Personal guides can be the best bet for busy travelers on official assignments. While group tours can be beneficial when tourists have a lot of time, those who only have a day to see a massive city or area of interest may need a professional expert to map out the best route so nothing is overlooked, reports The Seattle Times.

    Although professionals on business trips do need to make sure all their work is done, most will have a few hours of free time that may best be used seeing what fun things there are to do for a well-rounded and memorable excursion.

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