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  • Keep an eye out for the world's most fascinating street art


    Visiting art galleries is a wonderful way for tourists visiting a new city to experience the local culture, but there are plenty of other creative avenues to explore when it comes to visual stimulation. For instance, some bustling metropolises have many hidden and often unseen artworks splashed across abandoned buildings and other large blank surfaces. When tourists are looking to incorporate something unique in their adventure travel excursion, they may want to head to some of the most interesting locales for street art around the world.

    The idea of art that is found on city streets has evolved over the years. At one point, very few though of it as anything but vandalism, but nowadays some of the pieces are even being removed from outside and shown in official galleries. However, there still is a wealth of places to check out street art for free while perusing a new city.

    According to the Huffington Post, Sao Paulo, Brazil is the ideal place to begin learning about this interesting medium. The murals are distinctive and usually deliberate, made to beautify certain areas instead of vandalizing. All different neighborhoods boast the artworks, including the wealthier districts that often wear the colorful badges of guerrilla art with pride.

    Tehran, Iran, has its fair share of street art, much of which is politically inspired to tell a story or display a visual message to passers-by. Artists there have to be extra cautious as graffiti is against the law and strictly enforced. travelers may see stencils figures on walls, or find wire people and sculptures adorning trees, benches and more.

    Australia's cities provide wandering tourists with a feast of colorful and thought-provoking artwork, especially Melbourne, according to Travel and Leisure. This destination has countless narrow and curvy streets, giving artists the perfect opportunity to work incognito. One of the popular ways to decorate walls is by using wheatpastes, which are large poster-like images that are pre-drawn and plastered onto buildings and billboards.

    Most other major cities have their own unique street art styles as well, such as the clever slogans found in Manhattan or the charming, dreamy images of Paris. Travelers should keep their eyes open when in a new locale to see if they can spot new artworks that are created everyday.

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