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  • Journey to Galicia, Spain, for the annual literary celebration


    Some may say books are a dying artform, but the people of Galicia, Spain, know that literary works of art are here to stay. Every year, the town celebrates authors and those who have skills in the written word during an unusual and exciting holiday that travelers may also want to experience on their Europe travel trip.

    In the middle of May, the town hosts Galician Literature Day, or Dia das Letras Gelgas. This event has been held since the early 1960s and was officially recognized by the government as a public holiday in the 1990s, reports Time and Date.

    The idea came from honoring the poet Rosalia de Castro and her book,  Cantares Gallegos, which was composed entirely in the Galician language. Many say her writings were the start of a cultural renaissance among the Galician people, making the language more accessible and understandable to all. The time period, known as Rexurdimento, is noted every year during this event by the Royal Galician Academy.

    Most locals celebrate this occasion in different ways, but many choose to fly the Galician flag that represents this autonomous community. Usually, one author is selected each year that is a resident, however there has been multiples picked in the past when the Royal Galician Academy sees it fit. This annual celebration may be an interesting way to see the culture and customs of Galicia firsthand.

    The region is a wonderful part of Spain to explore at any time of year, and travelers can be assured there are many other things to see and do on their trip. According to the Galicia Guide online, the coastline may be the ideal place to start, as the area has a wealth of bays and inlets, known as "rias." These can be enjoyed on a sunny day by hiking, biking or renting a car to the most scenic spots.

    Gastronomy in the area is something that should also be explored, as the seafood may be some of the freshest in the country. Those who enjoy delicious shellfish, crab and lobster in particular will often find these incorporated in dishes throughout the towns and villages, whether it be in private homes or at world-class restaurants. 

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