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  • How to plan for quick escape and emergencies on vacation


    When travelers check the flight board at the airport and see multiple routes are being cancelled, it can fill them with a sense of dread. This can happen to any tourist at any time, due to airline strikes, volcanic eruptions or a number of other scenarios. While returning home will most likely be delayed, there are several things travelers can do before departing or during an emergency that can help the process go as smoothly as possible.

    According to Australia News, individuals should be well-informed about the destination they plan to visit ahead of time. If journeying to a place that’s known for flooding or hurricanes, a daily weather check by smartphone or laptop may help tourists avoid the airport all together if an emergency should happen unexpectedly.

    Some individuals may wish to stay away from the daily news while trying to relax on vacation, but it can be important to stay abreast of the current event in your new locale. If trouble seems to be brewing, travelers can make alternative plans before the crowds form.

    Having help on speed dial is key to quickly finding solutions in time of need. Organizing some kind of escape route for travelers and their loved ones will keep everyone accounted for during an emergency. Know where the highest ground is in areas prone to flooding, or plan out a way to escape fire at the hotel before disaster strikes.

    One important way to prepare for emergency situations is ensuring travelers have several forms of payment. Local currency is key when access to an ATM is scarce or a credit card is declined. If guests in a foreign country have to offer payment for last minute transportation plans out of an area, having cash on hand may be the easiest way to find quick solutions to stay safe, according to MoneyWise. This advice is essential not only for difficult situations, but anytime tourists venture outside their country. Having at least two forms of payment may help avoid uncomfortable situations when it is time to settle the bill.

    Preparation for the worst and hoping for the best is the ideal way to travel, just in case any natural disasters, illnesses or other tough scenarios get in the way of a vacation. This will alleviate as much stress as possible when handling emergencies that can happen on an adventure travel trip, a getaway with family or any other type of excursion abroad.

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