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  • How to match personality to destination


    Choosing where to go from a long list of destinations can be a daunting task for travelers. This shouldn't stop anyone from getting the most out of these experiences, however. According to The Huffington Post, there are specific locations that might appeal to some people more than others, based entirely on personality type.

    Diverse locations attract personalities differently
    Separated into various categories relative to the individual's moods, interests and subjective ways of viewing the world, the source identified locations that should appeal to a range of sensibilities. For instance, "harmonious travelers" are more apt to use a vacation to get away from the daily grind of their lives. These individuals are usually inclined to seek escapes from responsibility, but rather than edging into chaotic environments that would be ideal for an adventure-seeking traveler, places such as Marrakech, Morocco, are recommended for their placid atmosphere.

    "Posh travelers," on the other hand, are typically of logical and analytical ilk. These individuals tend to prefer information and will do whatever they can to find stimulating conversation. Thus, the source identified locations with rich historical value and prestige as they will provide endless intellectual resources. Similar to "scholarly travelers," art and philosophy buffs would fair well in Florence, Italy, where they will find impressive architecture and peaceful culture that invites study.

    The thrill-seekers, dubbed "wild travelers" by the source, often prefer the great outdoors to being inside and would be the most at home in a location that provides opportunities for backpacking. These are the souls that should also consider leveraging the best travel insurance money can offer as the source insinuated that dangerous activities, such as skydiving and bungee jumping, are perfect pastimes for this group. New Zealand is the recommended destination for wild travelers for its commitment to liberation.

    Maintaining a balance
    According to Costa Rica News, every traveler who is dedicated to gaining experience should also take care of themselves mentally and spiritually along the way. The stress associated with long journeys can take a toll, and instead of gearing up for a new hobby only to have it cause long-lasting burnout, individuals should teach themselves how to slow down and unwind while on vacation. As trip planning commences, the source also noted the importance of appreciating the opportunity to get away.

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