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  • Hidden surf spots provide great waves for savvy travelers


    It's no secret that certain destinations are great for catching waves. There's a reason beaches in Hawaii and Australia regularly attract surfers to their sandy shores, and it goes beyond the gorgeous scenery found in these locales. With turquoise waters, big waves and plenty of sunshine, these traditional spots attract the majority of surfers, both amateur and professional. However, there are a number of hidden gems around the world that can act as spectacular places to surf.

    India may be best known for sprawling cities and majestic structures, but it's also got a number of coastal destinations that can serve as excellent spots to surf. Regions like Goa and Kovalam are great for beachgoers, and it's easy for travelers to catch the waves rolling in from the Indian Ocean. According to USA Today, Kovalam recently started its own surf club and even built an artificial reef off the shore to entice visitors. With an amazing blend of history and water sports, these Indian locations are great options for surfers who don't mind thinking outside the box.

    United Arab Emirates
    Natural waves may be all the rage, but travelers who head to the luxury resorts of Dubai in the U.A.E. can enjoy surfing even while being surrounded by the desert. USA Today reports that, although swimming out on the Persian Gulf is a popular option for many expert surfers, others choose to check out the manmade waves at one of the city's state-of-the-art pools. Travelers frequently flock to the controlled environment at Wadi Adventure's wave pool to learn the basics of surfing. Teachers can help refine technique, and the waves can be adjusted to fit a skill level so surfers progress at just the right pace.

    According to Gadling, the country of Uruguay is often overlooked when it comes to South American travel. But this spot, just a short distance away from Buenos Aires, boasts hundreds of miles of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. A warm climate and frequent high winds help to create prime conditions for surfing, and much of the surroundings of popular travel spots within the nation offer everything a globetrotter could want. Punta del Este is a resort town loaded with casinos, nightclubs and seaside hotels that can please any visitor, while quieter coastal villages provide the ultimate private getaway - all while being near awesome waves.

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