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  • Google Maps enhances travel tools


    There's no shortage of impressive new travel gadgets that globetrotters can use to plan their adventures around the world. However, sometimes the most useful options are the enhancements that are made to existing programs. That's certainly the case with Google Maps, which has been providing travelers with directions and other helpful tidbits for years.

    New Google tools
    An updated version of Google Maps for iOS and Android mobile devices now includes the ability to show details about the status of flights, restaurant reservations and hotel bookings. According to Tech Crunch, users should first sign in to their Gmail, as Maps can then pull information from the inbox and confirmation emails to set up information about travel plans.

    Another attribute that will likely be beneficial to many travelers is the airport maps. Anyone taking to the skies to reach their destination can open a map of the airport they'll be traveling through. Not only will they be able to access arrival and departure times, but they can also easily find boarding information, navigation tools and more. From there, users can also jump right into directions involving local subway stations and other forms of public transportation, cutting down on the time and energy required to reach a hotel or travel hot spot.

    These features first started appearing on the desktop version several months ago, but this is the first time they are available on smartphones and other mobile devices. On-the-go travelers will embrace the opportunity to have all of their plans and directions at their fingertips, regardless of whether they're visiting a sprawling American city or a smaller Europe travel destination.

    Airports are popular spots
    The airport maps should come in handy for many travelers, especially because so many millions pass through these hubs each year. In fact, some of the most visited sites by tech-savvy individuals are airports, train stations and other necessary travel spots. According to Skift, the top 10 most popular "check in" locations in the U.S. on the social media program Foursquare are all airports.

    Airports in Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles are three of the busiest in the U.S., and also have the most check-ins. Now, those technological travelers who cross through the hubs will be able to easily access information about their own flights, as well as the top amenities located throughout an airport.

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