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  • Get a good night's sleep while traveling


    The excitement that comes with traveling to a new place often makes it difficult to sleep. When you have a long list of attractions to visit, foods to try and landmarks to see, it's tempting to let your regular sleep patterns fall by the wayside as you cram in more time for sightseeing. This exhilaration, combined with unfamiliar surroundings, can contribute to both a lack of sleep and low-quality shuteye.

    Here are three travel tips and tricks for achieving a restful and fulfilling night's sleep no matter where you are:

    Ask for the right room
    Where you stay within a hotel can have a big affect on your quality of sleep. Whenever possible, you should ask for a room that lies along the middle of a hallway. These accommodations are generally quieter, as they are away from vending machines or exits. It is also a good idea to ask for a room away from the pool. These public spaces often become hang-out spots later in the night, and the sound is amplified by the water.

    Bring the right sleep aids
    You don't have to turn to medications or vitamins to help you fall asleep. Sometimes all it takes is a few reminders of home to put your mind at ease and lull you into a good night's sleep. For example, some travelers like to take their own pillowcase when traveling. It has the texture and smell they are used to, and it eliminates the risk of skin irritation or discomfort. If you are more concerned about the surrounding environment of the room, pack soft earplugs and an eye mask. These accessories are designed to help people get to sleep and can cut out unwanted distractions.

    Stick to a routine
    Another helpful tip is to stick to your set bedtime routine. Although you may want to gallivant around a new city for hours after dark, trying to head to bed as close to your normal schedule as possible may allow you to fall asleep faster. You should also skip over reading, watching television or doing work in bed and make an effort not to eat a big meal too close to bedtime. However, if you've made it a point to have a cup of tea or a small glass of wine before bed - go right ahead. Those non-caffeinated libations may actually help you drift off into sleep.

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