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  • Find fall foliage that is sure to dazzle


    Nothing is quite as breathtaking as Mother Nature. Whether tourists are gazing out at powerful waterfalls, towering mountains or massive expanses of gorgeous fall foliage, these sights are among the most amazing travelers can find. Because the window for viewing fall foliage is particularly small, trips that center on visiting locales with great scenery can be difficult to plan, but the sheer number of potential autumn destinations provide plenty of options for family travel.

    There is a multitude of locations across the U.S. that display some stunning fall foliage. Here are a few of the best that travelers may enjoy:

    New Hampshire
    The New England region is renowned throughout the country for its beautiful scenery, and one of the best places to see the fall landscape in all its glory is in New Hampshire. While it may be tempting to head to areas like the White Mountains to get a unique look at the land, these higher elevations may not be ideal. The stronger winds on mountains, or off the coast, can knock leaves off branches earlier in the season, Conde Nast Traveler reported. Luckily, there are many relaxing resorts scattered throughout the state that offer just what visitors need in a getaway: stunning views, great amenities and a location close to many other attractions.

    Parts of New Hampshire also have a relatively long season for viewing foliage. Anytime from late September to late October is ideal for looking out on the colorful landscape.

    New York
    Upstate New York is also a fantastic place to soak up panoramic views of foliage. The Adirondack Mountains are a favorite stop for many who want to see a wide range of colorful flora, as the diverse landscape around the range is home to many different kinds of trees. Each of these plants produces a different type of leaf in the fall, resulting in a dazzling array of colorful foliage. With many state parks and open spaces in this region, there should be no problem finding top sights from late September to mid October.

    If travelers are looking to venture somewhere other than the Northeast, never fear. There are plenty of other spots around the country that offer spectacular vistas, including Wisconsin. The southern portion of this state features some stunning scenery, but without heavy crowds. Smaller resort towns see room availability spike in the fall after the summer rush, giving travelers access to good deals during the prime season for viewing foliage in the second and third week in October.

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