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  • Feeling adventurous? Try these bizarre foods on your next trip


    One of the best parts of traveling is sampling the cuisine of foreign cultures. That being said, there are some foods that will be shocking to individuals embarking on adventure travel. While some globetrotters may turn their nose up at some of the foods listed below, those who like a truly unique experience may want to sample some of these bizarre (and sometimes icky) foodstuffs. Here is a list of some of the craziest foods we could find:

    The King of Fruits
    The Durian isn't a fruit you'll find in most smoothies. This gargantuan Asian plant looks like a giant, spiky coconut. According to TheKitchn, you will need to spend some time getting through the fruit's hard outer shell - a large sharp knife is necessary to remove the spiky skin, and then you'll have to use your hands to pull the shell off completely. Inside is a soft pod that is yellowish in color and often described as having a strong, harsh odor. When eating a durian, you'll mostly sample sweet and creamy flavors, but sometimes you'll get a quick taste of something foul and onion-like.

    Cui, a Peruvian delicacy
    Here in the U.S., guinea pigs are often kept as pets. In Peru, however, the rodents are served up in a traditional dish known as "cui." It may sound shocking, but to natives of the country, cui is one of the finest foods around - in fact, many Peruvians keep several guinea pigs in their kitchen. Typically, cui is served roasted or fried on a bed of vegetables.

    Black pudding surprise
    If you are embarking on European travel to the U.K., you might want to think twice before you order "black pudding" with your breakfast - unless you have a strong stomach. Also known as blood pudding, this breakfast meat is made out of cooked blood combined with other items, such as grains, potato or fat, according to Independent Traveler.

    A cheese with a special ingredient
    Parmesan, Romano, ricotta - there's no shortage of good cheese in Italy. But if you ever see something called casu marzu when visiting this country, don't expect a treat so mild as a mozzarella. The cheese, made from sheep's milk, contains live fly larvae. Endless Simmer reports that after the cheese is made, it's sliced open to allow flies to land on it and lay their eggs in it. These eggs hatch into larvae, which slither through the cheese, giving it its unique flavor. If you're really brave, you can try a slice with the larvae still inside. Others may prefer to place the cheese in a sealed bag, suffocating the creep crawlers before biting in.

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