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  • Discovery sheds light on mystery of Stonehenge


    It's one of England's most recognizable landmarks, but Stonehenge has remained largely a mystery over the years. Archeologists have largely been unable to explain why this unique rock formation was created more than 4,000 years ago. However, a recent discovery could offer some of the greatest insight yet into the original purpose of this icon of England travel, according to LiveScience.

    The discovery
    These new findings come from researchers at Open University in the U.K., and were taken from a group of bones and artifacts discovered about one mile from the Stonehenge site. Given the presence of flint tool fragments and bones of wild aurochs, which were ancient wild cows, archeologists speculate the Stonehenge may have been a migration site or a place where the ancient residents held feasts. Additionally, they believe they found evidence that suggests the site may have been occupied for 3,000 years.

    "We may have found the cradle of Stonehenge, the reason why it is where it is," lead researcher David Jacques told the the news source in an email.

    Visiting Stonehenge
    Taken at face value, a trip to Stonhenge may not seem like a rewarding experience. After all, if you view it as simply a unique formation of rocks in the middle of a field, you're likely to be disappointed. But if you approach it with historical context in mind, especially in light of these new findings, it may be one of the most memorable experiences of your trip to England. Perhaps most significantly, it's important to recognize this monument as a stunning piece of ancient ingenuity and architecture.

    Other ancient sites
    Stonehenge certainly is not the only ancient site that has attracted a fair amount of attention from travelers over the years. Perhaps most notably, the Easter Island heads, known as "moai," have attracted many travelers. There are more than 880 of these unusual statues spread throughout Easter Island, which is located off the coast of Chile, and they hold a considerable amount of mystery as well. Experts say they were carved between 1250 and 1500, but most impressive is how the local residents moved them around the island - some weigh as much as 86 tons. There's still no consensus on what the heads were used for.

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