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  • Cruisers should prepare for extraordinary travel circumstances


    Although travelers tend to hope for a fantastic trip when they decide to take a cruise, sometimes the unexpected can happen that may put a damper on the getaway. In recent cruise news, some passengers from a large ship were robbed on a shore excursion in Mexico, reports CNN. Although these instances are rare, it's important for cruisers to be ready for instances like this that can occur no matter where they decide to roam. When tourists are prepared for potential issues or dangerous situations ahead of time, they may alleviate some of the stress that can occur when these negative experiences happen.

    Before embarking on a cruise, copies of important documents like passports and medical records should be left at home, or put into an email attachment for easy access. If these papers are lost or stolen, it will be easier to obtain new ones if all the information is already saved.

    When in a new locale, knowing where one's luggage and belongings are at all times can be helpful. A crafty thief can quickly rifle through a suitcase or purse when the owner turns a blind eye. If not absolutely necessary, leave all valuables at home so that there will be nothing to take in the event of a robbery.

    Large cruise lines are usually good about taking care of passengers whose personal effects have been compromised, but it may also be worth knowing numbers to foreign embassies and other important contact information. If travelers need to get a hold of the American embassy in Mexico, the Caribbean or any in the world, they do not want to be hunting for the number in a stressful situation.

    Travelers should keep in mind that even with adequate preparation, sometimes bad things can still happen to anyone at anytime while abroad. Keeping an even, calm and cool manner when is key to handling a dangerous situation safely and efficiently. Even if a thief gets away with taking documents, money or valuables, it usually is not worth fighting back or putting one's life in danger, as these objects can be replaced.

    If cruisers are concerned about the possibility of a robbery at all, choosing locales that have lower crime rates could be the best option. Certain ports may have a better reputation than others, so researching the excursions ahead of time can help passengers avoid mishaps.

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