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  • Could traveling make you happier? Study suggests yes


    Whether you're traveling through the United States or abroad, you may notice you have a rosier outlook on life, and why wouldn't you? Many of the responsibilities of everyday life fade away and you get to enjoy all new experiences. Now, new research sheds some more light on the correlation between happiness and traveling, revealing how vacations impact tourists' social media posts, especially on Twitter, Mashable reports.

    Happiness in 140 characters
    The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Vermont who culled large batches of data - about 37 million tweets - regarding the sentiments people express while on Twitter. Then, they analyzed how those feelings changed given how far they moved from their home. Interestingly, the team found that the further people moved from their home location, the happier their tweets tended to be.

    "Expressed happiness increases logarithmically with distance from an individual's average location," the researchers found.

    Although the findings do not pinpoint specific locations as the happiest, there are certain destinations that have proven to be particularly adept that improving your mood if you're in a rut. In fact, researchers from Legatum Institute recently ranked the world's happiest countries, and if you're looking to be surrounded by some of the cheeriest people in the world, Norway is the best choice.

    What to do?
    Of course, there's more to Norway than happy residents. The Scandinavian stronghold is home to a large number of popular tourist draws, many of which reside in the capital city of Oslo. For instance, the city's famous Royal Palace, which dates as far back as 1849, speaks to the country's lengthy history. The stunning building has only been open to the public since 2002, but getting the chance to explore many of its more than 170 rooms will certainly stand out as a highlight of your trip.

    You should also make a point to take advantage of many of Oslo's beautiful parks and open spaces. One of the best is Frogner Park, which draws about 1 to 2 million visitors every year. There are many highlights throughout the park's large expanse, whether you want to tour its relaxing atmosphere or marvel at the impressive sculpture arrangement and fountain designed by the famous artist Gustav Vigeland.

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