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  • Continue the coolness with a cruise to Alaska


    If certain people prefer cool climates, the arrival of spring and warm weather is not necessarily a time to celebrate. For individuals who feel this way, this balmy season may serve as the perfect window of opportunity in which they can take off to milder destinations. Bearing this in mind, travelers should consider chasing the cold by taking off on an Alaskan cruise. Although some people may envision boatloads of money when they think of cruises, there are ways to cut expenses and enjoy a trip to see the pristine beauty of The Last Frontier.

    When to travel
    Not surprisingly, voyages to this northern-most state only run during spring and summer, as it would be far too frigid for vacationers to head there at any other time of year. This means that if Alaska is on anyone's must-see list, he or she better get ready to buy a ticket relatively soon.

    In fact, the earlier in the spring travelers book their trips, the cheaper their reservations will likely be, particularly during last call. According to Nomadic Matt's travel blog, 60 to 90 days before a cruise takes off is the prime time for discounts, as companies are scrambling to fill remaining rooms by reducing rates.

    Where to travel
    Now that vacationers are geared up and prepared to purchase their tickets, the question is, where exactly should they head? Cruise Critic lays all of the excursion options out on the line, explaining that people need to take their personal preferences into account when selecting an itinerary.

    For instance, if individuals only have a limited amount of time to spend sailing, then they may want to choose a trip to either the Gulf of Alaska or the Inside Passage. Both of these voyages normally last a week or so, and typically hit ports like Anchorage, Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan.

    That being said, if travelers want a bit more adventure - and have some more time on their hands - then they should be sure to capitalize on expedition cruises. The source explained that these trips tend to be centered on exploring the natural wonders that Alaska has to offer. Rather than stopping in major ports, they usually dock in more secluded areas where passengers can immerse themselves in the flora and fauna of the region. These ships are generally smaller so travelers can get up close and personal with local wildlife. Vacationers may find that these expeditions are not only cozier, but also more exhilarating.

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