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  • Civilian moon travel could be realized in the next 3 years


    Some getaways are pushing the extremes as new technology brings individuals closer to their incredible travel dreams. According to The Australian, some experts say that commercial flights to the moon could be a reality as soon as 2015, an exciting adventure travel idea that also comes with a substantial price tag.

    The expedition would cover nearly 500,000 miles on a round trip flight run by the Excalibur Almaz company, based in the U.K. For a cool $150 million, experts would take passengers into long-distance spaceships to reach an orbiting space station, then onto the moon. Return trips would have three individuals at a time hop into a capsule and re-enter the Earth's gravitational pull. So far, Excalibur Amaz has obtained two soviet space stations they hope to remodel and use for this project.

    Alien lands to explore worldwide  

    While a trip to the moon may be far off into the future and could be out of most travelers' budgets, there are plenty of earthly destinations that offer just as much wonder and isolation as an outer space expedition. It may take extra effort to reach these locations, but travelers can get a true sense of escaping and being connected to nature in a unique and memorable way.

    For instance, those heading to Minnesota this summer can hire a boat to take them to Angel Inlet. Only a few dozen people live on this plot of land year-round and it cannot be reached by road. However, views of the water can be a beautiful sight to see in this area that is the northernmost contingent part of the U.S.

    The Pitcairin Islands are on the other side of the world, near New Zealand.The chain of land masses are separated by several hundred miles, and only one is known to have any locals living there. From New Zealand, it takes about 10 days to reach the shores of Pitcairin.

    travelers who push the limit of braving the elements can venture on special expeditions to Antarctica. This destination may be the most similar to the moon's surface, as there are many areas with little to no wildlife. The  only residents are scientists and it can take days by boat to reach some of the research bases.

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