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  • China introduces its first 4-D roller coaster in Changzhou


    If travelers are looking to experience a classic thrill on their trip abroad, they can make plans to visit the city of Changzhou, located west of Shanghai, China. This area is home to the Global Dinosaur Town, where guests of all ages can try out a number of activities, attractions and rides found in this amusement park. While this region of China is packed with temples, cultural events and scenic landscapes, it may be a fun break on a family travel excursion to visit the park and see the Chinese take on these themed attractions.

    At Global Dinosaur Town, a new roller coaster was recently opened called the Dinoconda. This massive ride is the first "4-D" coaster in the country, which features giant drops and twisting turns created only for the bravest of adventure-seekers.

    What is unique about this ride is the seating. While many coaster will take riders up towering hills and upside down, the Dinoconda is designed to allow passengers to ride} on the winged edges of a car that are independent of each other. This allows those in the seats to be spun around in circles, backwards and forwards, as they careen over the rails. Travelers have their feet dangle over the ground while they race through the track at nearly 80 miles an hour, reaching heights of up to 260 feet. One of the turns also brings passengers around a zero-G spin, where they feel as if they are floating in mid air.

    The attraction will compliment the array of other things to do and see inside the park, including fossil exhibits to explore and several thrilling rides.

    Other great theme parks in China  

    Although Global Dinosaur Town boasts the newest thrill ride, other theme parks throughout the country can be exciting to experience while on a trip abroad to this locale. The younger crowd may be most thrilled with Happy Valley, which has several locations in cities like Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

    Also in Beijing, sometimes smaller theme parks will be set up temporarily in the city's garden parks during the peak tourism seasons. In the past, The Egyptian Theme Park has made an appearance in Chaoyang Park, where guests can travel back in time to step inside massive pyramid replicas adorned with hieroglyphics and artistic works.

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