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  • Tips for healthy travel


    Vacations may be a time to relax and let loose, but that doesn't mean they have to be a time to forget all about healthy lifestyles. It may be more difficult to eat right and exercise while on the move but it is not impossible. Here are some travel tips & tricks for keeping fit when traveling.

    Hotels often have gyms that are free for their guests. If the hotel has a pool, pack a bathing suit and swim laps to mix up the exercise routine (and follow up with some time in the hot tub as a relaxing reward). Major chains such as Sheraton have started offering free on-demand workout videos. Fans of yoga, pilates or kickboxing can get quick workouts in without ever leaving the comfort of their room.

    Running outside is always an option as well, but those in a foreign place should make sure to take precautions before venturing out alone. Keep up with travel gadget news for the latest apps that feature maps and download them to a smartphone or music player in case they're needed.

    For those who don't want to bother packing workout clothes, Westin Hotels has launched a new gear-lending program. For a small fee guests can use the hotel's exercise clothes and sneakers

    Travelers who prefer to take advantage of the great outdoors can work activities like hiking or biking into their travel plans. Even taking a walking tour of a destination instead of a bus can help to stay active.

    Eating right
    Healthy eating while traveling can be difficult, if only because of the lack of control a person has over the food selection at their destination. Constantly dining on-the-go can negatively impact the body and the wallet. Try looking for local food markets or farms with fresh goods for sale. Not only can this be a more affordable option, it also allows travelers to sample some native cuisine.

    Eating at restaurants doesn't have to be the end of healthy choices. Stick to drinking water during meal times and think about choosing vegetarian options during flights, as they tend to have a higher nutritional value than others. A helpful tip for family travel is to pack healthy foods that don't need to be refrigerated for easy snacks, with items like granola bars doubling as breakfast options as well. These grab-and-go options can be lifesavers when traveling with picky young children.

    Most importantly - relax! Nothing will ruin good lifestyle choices more than stress. Splurging every now and then isn't the end of the world and it won't ruin a vacation, so take a deep breath and enjoy the experience.

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