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  • Brush up on air travel etiquette before holiday trips


    Many travelers dread the prospect of flying, even if it is to reach a spectacular destination. However, your time in the air doesn't have to put a damper on your trip. When you and the passengers you're flying with know the proper air travel etiquette, you can all have a more enjoyable and stress-free flight.

    Before you board the plane for your holiday adventure, brush up on a few basic rules of etiquette that could help you make friends with your fellow fliers. Here are some travel tips and tricks for just a few behaviors that you should be paying attention to:

    Wait before you recline
    It may be tempting to recline back and catch some shuteye during your flight, but it is important to remain cognizant of the people around you before you kick back and relax. There is only a limited amount of space available within the cabin, so consider waiting to recline until your body needs it - by that time, the person behind you may have also reclined, offering some extra space for your seat. You should also focus on how you interact with others around you when getting up mid-flight. Don't grab at seats around you for leverage, as that will jostle other passengers, and do your best not to hog the armrest.

    Get comfortable beforehand
    You may want to look nice while you travel, but wearing uncomfortable shoes or clothing may only encourage you to make some changes once you get in your seat. In lieu of kicking off your shoes, switching outfits in the bathroom or constantly shifting to get comfortable, choose a comfy ensemble from the start. Selecting comfortable shoes or wearing layers can help you avoid going through bags for a jacket or going barefoot, while choosing to rock a scarf or hooded outfit can offer extra cushioning during the flight.

    Just relax
    Sometimes you encounter delays at the most inopportune times. However, you should always remember that lashing out or getting angry won't do any good, and it certainly won't change the weather. Instead of taking out your frustration on airline workers or fellow passengers, try to take some steps to avoid the stress all together. Bring your own entertainment to keep you occupied during downtime. You can also try to break up long waits by enjoying some of the perks of your airport. Many modern travel hubs feature full-service restaurants, spas and other sources of entertainment that can take your mind off delays.

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