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  • America's nerdiest museums provide a haven for travelers


    Museums are popular spots for travelers because they provide an opportunity to delve into interests and passions. Not all of these institutions deal with history - in fact, many of the coolest collections showcase elements of the world that any type of traveler will love. Whether you are looking for the perfect excursion for a family travel trip or need some inspiration for a weekend getaway, heading to one of the most unique museums in the U.S. could be just the ticket.

    Tourists can embrace their inner geek by heading to one of these American museums:

    Museum of Mathematics
    Fans of numbers may enjoy a visit to the Museum of Mathematics in New York. "MoMath" is about more than just equations, however, and the majority of the exhibits showcase the patterns and mathematical ideas that naturally occur in nature. Interactive activities, math lessons, puzzles and more are all on display, and they can delight kids and adults alike. With so many real-life examples of math problems, this museum is a surefire way to inspire even the most numerically adverse travelers.

    EMP Museum
    Located in Seattle, the EMP Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of popular culture, as well as the ideas and innovation that fuel it. Part of the facility is reserved for science-fiction elements of pop culture, including artifacts from hit franchises such as "The Matrix," "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who." There are also collections showcasing different aspects of the fantasy genre as well as the lure of horror movies. The other half of the collection deals with music. Tour exhibits tracking the career path of Nirvana or conduct your own jam session in the on-site Sound Lab.

    National Center for Electronic Games
    Rochester's National Center for the History of Electronic Games is part of the National Museum of Play, which aims to highlight the extensive history of toys and their impact on society. More than 2,000 video games and consoles are on display, along with thousands of other children's games and electronic toys. Travelers can do more than just stroll down memory lane at this center - all of the models are in working condition and can be played by visitors. Whether you are a fan of old-school Tetris or state-of-the-art video games, you can find your favorite pastimes at this museum.

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