• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is the Pre-Existing condition waiver and how can I qualify?
    A. If insurance was purchased within 15 calendar days of initial trip payment, the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion will be waived. This is applicable to all coverages contained in the policy. In order to receive the waiver of Pre-Existing Conditions, the amount of trip cancellation coverage must equal the pre-paid non-refundable portions of all trip arrangements. The Insured must be medically able to travel when he/she pays his/her plan cost. In the event that a claim is filed, the Injury or illness must be substantiated to our Claims Department.

    Q. Does everyone need to purchase the insurance?
    A. The plan cost is based on the per person trip cost. Therefore each individual is covered separately.

    Q. Do I need to cover all trip arrangements?
    A. To receive the waiver of Pre-Existing conditions on your coverage, you must purchase insurance to cover all of your pre-paid non-refundable trip arrangements, and you must purchase within 15 days of your initial trip payment.

    Q. What is the charge for trips over 30 days?
    A. If your trip is longer than 30 days an additional premium per day over 30 is required. Not applicable to New York residents

    Q. What does this program cover for cancellation?
    A. The Gold plan covers for unforeseen sickness, accidental injury or death of you, your traveling companion, family member or business partner. The program covers for cancellation due to weather, labor strikes affecting public transportation, financial default of the travel supplier (added benefit when purchased within 15 days of deposit), your principal residence or destination being made uninhabitable by fire, flood, vandalism, burglary or natural disaster, your being subpoenaed, required to serve on a jury, hijacked or quarantined, military duty ,a terrorist incident, involuntary termination or layoff of employment, and covered business reasons. Optional Cancel for Any Reason coverage can be purchased. For a complete list of covered reasons for Trip cancellation, please refer to the Description of Coverage (DOC) or Policy.

    Q. What happens if someone not traveling becomes ill or passes away? Is this covered?
    A. An illness or death of a family member not traveling with you would be covered, however, the same Pre-Existing clause would apply. The definition of family member is included in the Description of Coverage or Policy.

    Q. Will Travel Guard track my baggage if it is lost? And if so, for how long?
    A. If your baggage is lost while you are covered under the plan we do track your baggage for one full year if it is not found.

    Q. How do I file a claim?
    A. To file a claim, you can call Travel Guard (1.800.826.1300) between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm Central Time and start the process with a Claims Analyst on the telephone. The analyst will explain what needs to be provided in order to pay your claim. The form will then be faxed or mailed to you to provide that information.

    Q. What if I want a refund?
    A. Travel Guard is committed to providing products and services that will exceed expectations. If you are not completely satisfied, you can receive a refund of the premium, minus the service fee. Requests must be submitted to Travel Guard in writing within 15 days of the effective date of the Policy, provided it is not past the original departure date and you have not submitted a claim.

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