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  • A Customer's Story:

    We sensed a threat of late season snow in May

    We purchased a Travel Guard policy a week before our trip because we sensed a threat of a late season snow storm in May. Sure enough, a blizzard hit the Midwest on May 1! But, to our surprise, our plane on its way to our origination airport had a mechanical failure and a significant delay that prevented us from making our connection, and with the backlog of cancelled flights and passengers from the weather, they were unable to re-accommodate us to our destination for 3 days. So the trip was a total loss! Travel Guard was there and helped ensure that our claim was properly filed and complete. Three weeks later, a check arrived in the mail for the entire amount of our trip! We have already called several family and friends and said that a Travel Guard policy is a must for any trip. Thank you for being there to help cover our losses!

    Chad and Molly, WI
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q. What is Travel Guard's Mailing Address
      Travel Guard
      PO Box 47
      Stevens Point, WI 54481
    • Q. Did you receive my fax?
      A. The receipt of faxes cannot be confirmed by telephone. The analyst will contact you if they require additional documentation.
    • Q. Why do you need medical records?
      A. Medical records may be requested when the information we received from the doctor is incomplete.
      Medical records may be requested to confirm the plan covers the medical condition causing the claim.
      Medical records are required on plans where pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.
    • Q. What should I send in if all I received is an e-ticket for air travel?
      A. Submit the e-ticket passenger receipt.
      Submit the ticket confirmation received for air travel booked online.
    • Q. May I submit my claim information by fax?
      A. Yes, if the requested documentation is not requesting any original tickets or receipts.
      If the requested documentation includes originals please mail the information to Travel Guard by certified mail to our street address.
      The receipt of faxes cannot be confirmed by telephone. The analyst will contact you if they require additional documentation.
    • Q. How do I request a refund of my insurance premium?
      A. You must submit an insurance premium request in writing to:
      Travel Guard
      Attn: Refund Department
      PO Box 47
      Stevens Point, WI 54481

    Calling Travel Guard

    • Q. Below are some common questions customers have regarding our claims process. Please read these questions carefully prior to contacting Travel Guard:
      A. Checking on the status of your claim is easy using Travel Guard's automated phone system. Our automated system can tell you what documentation is still needed to process your claim, and, if any payments have been made, the amount and date of the check issued. All you need is your claim number to take advantage of this timesaving system. To use this feature please call 1.800.826.1300 ext. 8351.
    • Q. Was my fax received?
      A. Please allow 2 weeks for our analyst to respond after faxing your information to Travel Guard. After 2 weeks if you have not received a response we invite you to call our automated system to verify the status of your claim. If the automated system tells you that what you faxed has not been received, we ask you to please refax your information to Travel Guard.
    • Q. Who should sign the Authorization for Release of Information form included with the claim form?
      A. This is a HIPAA compliant form that needs to be signed by the ill party. This form gives us permission to contact whomever about your claim. It is generally used by Travel Guard to contact the doctor when we can't read his/her writing, or to determine the pre-existence of the illness/injury that caused the claim.
    • Q. I am ready to submit my paperwork to Travel Guard to process my claim and just want to verify everything is what you need.
      A. There's no need for you to call us and verify your submission. A Travel Guard analyst will review your claim form once it's received. We will contact you via Email, telephone or mail if additional documentation is needed.
    • Q. Has my claim form been sent? I haven't received it yet.
      A. Please allow 7-10 business days for the claim form to arrive by mail.

Travel Guard

Travel Guard travel insurance plans include travel insurance & assistance that travels with you.

Coverages may include: Trip cancellation due to terrorism & other named unforeseen events, trip delay, lost baggage, medical emergency, & others. Purchase online for immediate coverage.

Certain coverages are subject to purchase requirements.
See each coverage for details.