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  • What will airplanes look like in the future


    Technology continues to change the way people travel, whether they're booking their next vacation on their smartphone or effortlessly translating signs using Google Glass. A growing majority of companies have embraced digital devices, attempting to craft the perfect travel gadget for consumers to utilize. Nowadays, hotels have apps, taxis have touchscreens and online travel enthusiasts can virtually plan every aspect of their vacations.

    Airplanes are no exception to this rising technological trend. Some airliners embrace technology by communicating with customers on Twitter, while others have sought ways in which they can incorporate Wi-Fi capabilities on all their aircrafts. As aircrafts continue to search for ways in which they can make travels easier for all consumers, some have released plans for items they plan to install in the future.

    Aircrafts may not have windows
    CNN reported that Spike Aerospace's S-512 jet, which is set to begin flying in 2018, will operate without windows. Instead, passengers can see displays on large screens that adorn the aircraft's walls. Travelers can view movies, computer documents or the outside view - they have full control over what items appear on the wall. According to Vik Kachoria, the president and CEO of the company, building a craft without windows may lower both the building cost and drag of the plane. He added that in the past, airlines lacked the capabilities to incorporate such high-tech accessories, but with the devices available today, installing them should be a breeze.

    "It's not a new concept, but in the past we didn't have the technology - the flatscreens, or digital cameras to capture the resolution, or the ability to stitch together cameras to create a seamless panoramic view," Kachoria explained to the source.

    Seats may be comfortable and adjustable
    A small British design firm, Seymourpowell, recently unveiled its plans for the Morph seating concept, according to Wired. The new airline seats feature an array of comfortable upgrades ideal for passengers traveling as a group. For example, arm rests in between seats can be adjusted to accommodate the three people in a row. Two adults sitting without a third passenger can extend their rests to eliminate the third seat between them, or parents traveling with children can make the child's seat much smaller in comparison to the adults'. Additionally, the new seating concept features an upgrade to the materials used within. Instead of using single foam pads in each seat, the design incorporates one piece of fabric that can be individually adjusted based on the preference of the passenger.

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